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Caring & Compassionate Burial Services

Welcome to Grissom's Funeral Homes, your home of compassionate mortuary services, serving customers in two locations. At Grissom's Funeral Homes, we prepared an elegant and beautiful sanctuary to conveniently hold all of your burial services, and plan for a final resting place for your loved ones. Grissom's Funeral Homes offers several types of funeral, burial, and cremation services to choose from.

Grissom's Funeral Homes was founded in 1957 on the principals of affordability, integrity and respect. Our family is dedicated to remain one of the few family-owned and operated mortuaries in the East Bay. Grissom's Funeral Homes believes a service should be as unique as the individual. No matter what your preferences, you can count on us for many options.


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Whether you are interested in a traditional funeral or simple burial ceremony, we will present your family with a wide range of creative ideas to create a memorable service. We are available for your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Feel free to give us a call at (510) 244-3470 to schedule an appointment today.



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